Sunday, October 30, 2011


Recently, the game i'm playing, DN SEA, updated its patch, and of coz it comes with new features. Interested?? haha, believe me, u'll nvr regret playing this, hehe. Bear your own risks ^^. Well, i really hv nothing to write/say here...anyway, i'll put screenshots i took while playing this games.
Snap a pic with Irene ^_^
Cool right?? xP

i'm that ghoul .__.
 PvP xD
 This boss is EPIC hard
Okay, thats all for now i think...o.0, dont forget to join me in this game ^^. Until then, BYE!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Game game==

It had been years since the last time i post in this blog =.=', well, i just want to brief a bit about a game that i'm playing like a maniac recently. The game is DragonNest SEA. It's an online adventure game that i had always wanted, furthermore, the camera is 3rd person shooter view. Well, i just kind of like this game, no reasons, just....= =. Take a look at these screenshots taken. Ermm, check this video

Force User...
Hardest stage for now xD

Well, x)

Well, thats all for now, see ya next year >_<, oh, if you're interested in this, do visit the page :, and add me too! SkyDevilx/SkyZerefx, until then, bye!