Sunday, August 14, 2011

hi first time

Hi, welcome to my blog. Well, as u can see, this is my first time writing blog or whatever thing this is. Ah, i'll just write in !#$%^(i don't know = ='), since i don't know to write in what language :P.

Okay, since this is my first blog, i'll like to introduce myself first ^_^.
I'm a Malaysian, 18 years old (+,-), and i like games! anime and mcm2 lagi. Aku nak story pasal history of me playing games :P. Game 1st yg aku main, Mario la, lol, pastu pac-man....haha, all of these aku main dekat polystation je x.x, tu time aku tadika. Then, aku dapat my 1st computer when i'm in year 5! and the 1st game that i played by using that computer were -virtual fighter, The House of The Dead (THOTD), sonic, and 2 more that i cant remember .__. .Oh, the best ps2 games for me -Hack//G.U, god of war 1&2, Dokapon Kingdom and of coz Naruto :P

Zzz. what a boring post. Well, to be short, the games i like most now are Dota, Super Dance Online, Counter-Strike Online and Dragon Nest. I'm really looking forward to Dota partners, so we can have 5 and get into a tournament :D

Ah, lastly, do feel free to add me at Garena: .DarkCast./NavI.DarkCast.  |  SDO: nerzhul1/<nerz>_<>  | CSO : HeadHunterzXx  | Dragonnest: NeRz

1 of the hardest level in CSO , Yeah ! = =

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