Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

Hii, 2nd post today...~ Well, this anime is about a guy named Yuiichi & a girl named Rika. The story of Hantsuki focuses on the budding relationship between the seventeen years old Yuuichi Ezaki and Rika Akiba. Both are hospitalized in Yuuichi's home town for their respective conditions. Yuuichi has hepatitis A, while Rika has problems with a weak heart valve. These teens would then fall in love while they spend time with one another. The story is based in Ise, Mie prefecture as implied by the "Welcome to Ise" sign shown after the opening sequence in the first episode of the anime series.There're other chars as (Yoshizoo Tada, Akiko Tanizaki, Goroo Natsume, Tsukasa Sekoguchi, Tamotsu Yamanishi, Miyuki Mizutani). This story has only 6 episodes, yet it's worth to watch. The director didn't put too much anime's act because he thought that the real life of humans can be good enough to put in this anime, well, he got it right. This anime will surely make a man cries..hahahaha, i don't want to spoil this anime too much, but it has bittersweet ending..huhu. I rate it 8.9/10 though (because i rated Midori no Hibi 9/10 tho o.0). Yahh, take a look at the screenshots :
Googled o.0

Screenshots from the anime...

Just guess~~ It's bittersweet ending...T_T
 Well, this anime contains 0.5/10 ecchi, so there's no need to worry about that. But, it still gives impacts to us, so, put this anime into your must-watch-anime's list..haha. Watch it la!! Dammit...

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